Profile: Joh. Tino Lucke

Tino Lucke was born in 1970 in Schöneck near Markneukirchen in Germany. When he was 16 he began his apprenticeship under the master bow maker G. Rudi Steinel in Breitenfeld, where he trained for three years. Next, he enrolled at the technical college for violin and bow makers in Markneukirchen in 1989, where he graduated receiving his master's certificate in 1993. The same year he began studying under Hieronymus Köstler (Stuttgart), where he concentrated on copying and restoring old master bows. It was at this time that his interest in violin making began (especially for making fine copies of old instruments). Tino Lucke began his own business in Markneukirchen 1998 before transfering his base of operations to Berlin in 2002. His focus is on building new bows and instruments as well as on restoring bows and making copies of old masterpieces.
Prizes: 1999 Paris silvermedal for viola, bronzemedal for Cello
2004 London goldmedal for violin

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Kolja L. Lochmann Geigenbaumeister: ++49 30 44036810 Joh. Tino Lucke Bogenbaumeister: ++49 30 41722030 Prenzlauer Berg Schliemannstr. 23, 10437 Berlin